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MG 5470 - Where To Get The CD Tray For Disc Label Printing

Faisuddin Thani : wowww...i am so impressing..keh3
welu0701 : Ok I have been looking for this F*$# thing for hours, thank you
Edan Chapman : THANK YOU.
WebOfEvidence : Why is it so difficult to find?  Do the powers-that-be not want us printing on homemade DVDs? Thank-you. This also works for the 5460.
DDGPro : As with others, i have spent hours beating my head against the wall trying to figure out where this was and if it didn't come with it where to buy one, which are not out there to buy. Thank you SO much!!!

Canon printer unable to switch on MG 5470

Some guidance may not be 100percent iam right. May safe your print,

#canon #printheadrepair #repair #DIY #MG5470 #PRINTER #printerhead #cartridgeforprinter

Actual method of Resetting Canon MG5400 MG5410 MG5420 MG5430 MG5440 MG5450 MG5460 MG5470 MG5480

Refillable cartridges for Canon MG5400 MG5410 MG5420 MG5430 MG5440 MG5450 MG5460 MG5470 MG5480
rontonapoleon : Hello.
I saw the video.
What company manufactures these cartridge for canon pgi-550 cli-551 with Auto Reset Chip
maurice leal : enjoyed the music can I have more details on who is singing
Alf_7 SecuritySpec. : my cartridge looks nothing like that,
Shape UP Vegas : Not helpful, lose the music.
Co Kane : I really think this is the video I'm looking for I just can't read it




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