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$180 Kobe Beef "medium rare" - Teppanyaki in Japan

Cozy Teppanyaki, Kikusui, in Kobe City with skilled chef and a succulent lunch meal, including local Kobe Beef, fried vegetables and a glass of beer -
LaLa LaLa : 180 dollars of bull shit. You got ripped off.
ryno gaviria : Stop bullshit it s just meat nothing extraordinary...
ryno gaviria : The only one thing is extraordinary its the price... 180$ for a steak haaa humain been... You are extraordinary
Guadalupe Rios : You got to believe it tastes like $180.
Robert Fouquet : I will have one asparagai

Gordon Ramsay: how to cook the perfect steak.

Internationally recognised chef, Gordon Ramsay runs us through how to cook the perfect medium rare steak. Just part of his Ultimate Cookery Course (2012).

Grab the ebook from blinkbox Books \u0026 start reading in an instant:!/book/9781444756708/gordon-ramsays-ultimate-cookery-course
Rambo al'Thor : What steak is this?
Kiyoshi : What steak is he using
papito3773 : I wonder if he ever made a meal he didn't like lol
Mr Potatohead : I just cooked a rump steak as close to this as I could. Beautiful!!
lenorteofficial : I have to take a bathroom break while watching this. Toilet up, Pee, Flush.. Beautiful! Wash hands, season it with soap, let it dry, Lovely!

Foo Fighters - Medium Rare (Full Album)

Nadia Foo : ❤️
Jeremy Pelland : More like "Well Done!"
Tiidooh : 00:00 Band on the run
05:05 I fell free
08:84 Life Of Illusion
11:45 young man blues
17:28 bad reputation
Igor Litvinov : BRAV0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just Dave : 0:00 Band on the Run
(Paul McCartney and Wings)
5:09 I Feel Free
8:05 A Life of Illusion
(Joe Walsh)
11:45 Young Man Blues
(The Who *live*)
17:25 Bad Reputation
(Thin Lizzy)
19:59 Darling Nikki
(Prince and the Revolution)
23:22 Down in the Park
(Tubeway Army)
27:30 Baker Street
(Gerry Rafferty *live*)
33:06 Danny Says
(The Ramones)
36:05 Have a Cigar
(Pink Floyd)
40:10 Never Talking to You Again
(Husker Du *live*)
42:03 Gas Chamber
(Angry Samoans *live*)
43:00 This Will Be Our Year
(The Zombies)




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